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Fluffy Feather Forest .jpg
Fluffy Feather Forest .jpg

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Mystical Forest 
Tickle Temple Weekend Gathering 


We are celebrating Rosie Roma's Birthday with the coming of Spring

March 21st through late night on the 24th.

Location: Tampa Tickle Temple


Address Given after ticket purchase.  

Located by Busch Gardens.

Getting There!

Getting to Tampa Tickle Temple Mystical Forest is super easy! We are located only 15 minutes away from Tampa International and surrounded by many local hotels.  We are nestled right by Busch Gardens. Please contact us directly for more information and free VIP planning.

Rescheduling of TickleCon UK

We have recently become aware that two other events are taking place during the same weekend as TickleCon UK. We want to be respectful to these other groups that have already established their plans.  We believe it is in everyone's best interest to avoid any potential conflicts or overlapping interests of event attendance.  In addition,  We also want to avoid any emergencies due to the current geopolitical environment.  After the tragedies in the Middle East, we want to keep the international traveling of our US staff to a minimum.

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