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If you are looking to host an event or class during TickleCon, please contact us directly

You can buy daily passes or an all weekend pass via our tickets page:


Early Entry Thursday, 9/28/23 Industry Day

Unlock the secrets that have taken many of our hosts YEARS (15 to be exact) of trial and error to learn in a 1 day fetish producer bootcamp.

The day will start with a meet and greet where we all can get to know each other, exchange business cards and finalize any casting that needs to be done for the shootout later that evening. 

After the meet and greet those wanting to start shooting may and those who want to participate in the class gather for fetish content bootcamp.  All trade secrets given by both Kelli Lynn Sage and Scarlett Storm.  Combined they have over 30 years of experience in the Fetish industry.

Class Agenda

1.) Learn the proper way to go about casting models, how to speak with them and learn what is the most attractive way of doing so. This portion of the class will teach you how to make sure both the model and the producer communicate and negotiate properly and can have a productive shoot.  Learn the Do's and Don'ts.

2.) Learn the investment and payments structure to get a return on your investment the quickest way possible.  This includes where to post and market and our personal experience with all social media platforms.


3.) Learn all about shooting!

-THE IMPORTANCE OF LIGHTING! How to light a set with affordable equipment. 

-How to film and edit the quickest way possible to make it look professional.

- How to handle model releases and filing. 2257 release run down.

4.) Marketing your Adult content business:  How to make a preview and all MARKETING STAND OUT! Get the 411 on where to market and what to spend your time on and what is a HUGE waste of time. Quick class portion on impulse buying and how to use it to your advantage.

5.) SHOOTOUT AND DUNGEON PARTY!  All those not wanting to be on film stay to designated non filming areas.  All those interested in being in group scenes fill out model releases and staff collects information.  All those wanting to be filmed but not idenifiable please change into costumes and masks.

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Opening Day! Friday, 9/29/23

Meet and Greet and Snacks!

Go explore the Space!  Ask one of our ambassador members to give you a private tour of the grounds or feel free to wander and get to know each other!


Take a swim in the heated pool! Skinny Dipping Permitted of course! Ask Ambassadors any questions!  All guests will be equipped with an whistle in case of emergency.  Simply blow the whistle and a staff member will find you.  DO NOT USE THE WHISTLE UNLESS THERE IS AN EMERGENCY.

First on the agenda after the meet and greet is the Tickle Gauntlet and Grand Opening Ceremony! Public Tickling! Tickle Exhibition!


Our staff and participants take part in  a group tickling gauntlet after negotiations of every participant is discussed!  Consent is always key and you will NOT be touched by anyone you do not want to be touched by.  This is not a popularity contest and the staff will make sure everyone is properly matched in a comfortable non-stressful way. Did we mention we make magic happen? Be prepared to be filled with positive energy and love!

You are sure to be hungry after the tickle gauntlet so we will all meet in the cabin grove to eat after! You always have free range of the grounds.

After food its time for an amazing Tickle and Foot Fetish play party! You won't want to miss it! 

Any Questions?

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Saturday 9/30/23 Tickle Extravaganza!

Today is all about play!

There will be tickle exhibitions all over the property where you can both watch and participate.  NO TOUCHING WITHOUT CONSENT!

Dinner will then be served and after we will go to libertine hall for our Foot Competition!  Anyone wanting to enter please email us!

After the foot competition there will be a massive dungeon and pool party you will not want to miss!  Both outdoor and indoor play available.  If you are exhausted and need a resting spot there will be cuddle puddles available throughout the property!

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Sunday Ticklish Temptations and Wallflowers

Tea Time and Snacks:


Have you not been tickled or gotten to tickle by someone this whole entire weekend?!  These are our WALLFLOWER HOURS!    Meet with an ambassador to see how you can better communicate your needs and make sure your life is filled with tickles here on out!  You will have a choice of tea and snacks to drink while we talk about your ticklish needs!

FREE PLAY ALL DAY FOR EVERYONE!  Dinner will be served. Satisfy all your ticklish, foot and kink needs in our private play space cabins.

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