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Welcome to TickleCon!

Worldwide Tickle Events focusing on building a safe and inclusive Tickling and Energy work community around the globe!

Indulge in Your Wildest Laughter!

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UK TickleCon

Reading, UK

June 2025


Italy flag.png

Italy TickleCon

Rome, Italy

June 2025


-Naples, Pompeii and Amalfi Coast 

June-July 2025


Group outings to major landmarks:


Big Ben

The Eye of London


Buckingham Palace


The Vatican Museum


Sistine Chapel


The Colosseum 

The Ruins of Pompeii

Hiking Mount Vesuvius

Tickle Gauntlet Opening Ceremonies 

Tickle Exhibitions all weekend!

Gang Tickling sign ups all weekend long with your choice of male/female or Co-ed Lers

Tickle Play Party every night

COVID-19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 POLICY

Temp Checks happening to all entering.  

Don't come sick.  You're responsible for your own health. 

Drink Water.

Bring Vitamin C.

*The Same policy will apply for Covid 24-33.  You will be signing a liability waiver.


Come Join Us
in Europe! 

"Don't be enthralled for a moment,
when you can be in touch for life

June 2025! - READING, UK

June 2025! Rome, Italy

June-July 2025 Naples, Pompeii and Amalfi Coast, Italy

Already a member of our Discord? Get your discounted ticket by messaging WarCry on our TickleCon server or emailing us at with your discord user ID.

All 18+ Kinksters Welcome!

What makes TickleCon different from other Fetish Conventions and Expos? Why should you come to our event?
TickleCon was developed for foot and tickle enthusiants by foot and tickle enthusiasts.  We welcome EVERYONE!  If you are a wall flower or an exhibitionist, this is the place for you.

Unlike other events, TICKLECON™ is a limited number of guests in an environment where tickles are guaranteed due to our agenda of events. Many times we go to conventions and do not know how to engage with people.  This is an smaller environment with ambassadors there to help you express your needs and wants and give you space to be your true self.  WE DO NOT TOLERATE CLIQUES.  We also have a Discord server that is open to everyone (over the age of 18 of course) that allows people to converse before, during and after the conventions and meetups!







-18 and UP ONLY!



-Topless Optional in Playspaces 

-Kinky Crazy Costumes Encouraged


-Kink lifestyle safe space 
All kink rules observed. Please read our blog on consent.


uk flag.webp
Italy flag.png
What Comes with My Ticket?

Your ticket includes access to

-all group events


-gang tickling

-outings during TickleCon UK or TickleCon Italy

Your ticket also includes:

-private consultation with Kelli Lynn Sage on how to get started in the industry of tickling video production and tips and tricks of the trade.  

*This is scheduled via video chat before or after the convention.  


Your ticket DOES NOT include private 1 on 1 sessions with PROFESSIONAL TICKLE THERAPIST.  Those are booked separately at a discounted convention rate by clicking the buttons to your left or by contacting

Special Guests, Exhibitionists and Professional Tickle Therapists

Set up private shoots and sessions before hand!
Click Each Guest Photo for contact info

Kelli Lynn Sage

Host - Professional Tickle Therapist

Tickle Content Producer and Performer, Domina and Tickle Switch


Tori Millas

Professional Tickle Therapist and Performer


Contact us for FREE VIP Travel Planning


Convention Agenda


THURSDAY February 8th, 2024:

12-3pm: CHECK IN AND SET UP. Meet and Greet and networking and set up play spaces. Snacks provided. Bring things for yourself or to share.  There will be a communal food area.


**Tickle Addict!- ongoing collection of 20min tickle sessions (give or receive) by different people with award going to person who collects the most by Sunday at 9pm.


3:00pm-4pm Speed meeting- 3 minute interviews alternating through attendees for rapid introductions focused on tickle and kink questions.


4:30pm-6pm: Tickle Technique Class


6-8pm: Dinner Break 


9-midnight- Play Party Floor Wide.  Public Voyeur Rooms will be accessible.  Be polite and respectful. ( THERE MAY BE A FEW VANILLA PEOPLE INTERMINGLED ON THE FLOOR UNLESS WE RENT EVERY ROOM! :Goals:  Must acknowledge and sign waiver and consent rules.  BRING GAGS :-)



9am-12pm - Registration for newbies and Breakfast

12-1pm: Gather in the lobby for a GUERILLA STYLE TICKLE DAY IN LONDON! (If you arrive later contact 646-220-1308 and we will let us know where you can meet up with us!)

1-6:15pm - Tickle Gauntlet THROUGHOUT LONDON! Public Tickling and Tickling Challenges.   
This is a tickling and adventure you won't want to miss! Imagine a gang tickling and toes wiggling event... multiplied many times... Fantasy becomes reality while making a wish and setting out positive intentions all over LONDON!!

6:45pm Meet At Big Ben !

7pm-7:30 Big Ben LAUGHTER to ring in Tickle Con Opening!

7:30-9pm Dinner (Sing Happy Birthday to Tori and Kelli)

9pm head back to hotel 

10pm - 2am: Rooms open for play focusing on GANG TICKLING and positive manifestation through tickling ecstatic meditation!



SATURDAY: February 10th, 2024


**Tickle Addict- ongoing collection of 20min tickle sessions (give or receive) by different people with award going to person who collects the most by Sunday at 9pm.

7:00am-10:30am: Breakfast (comes with room if booked with reservation through TickleCon)

10:30am-12pm: Registration for newbies 


 Speed meeting for newbies- 3 minute interviews alternating through attendees for rapid introductions focused on tickle and kink questions.

10:30am - 12:00pm - Basic Rope Class with Kelli Lynn Sage.  Individual Attention in TickleCon rooms.

12-2pm: lunch break (TickleCon will NOT be providing food. Snacks will be available in TickleCon rooms) 

3:00pm - 6:00pm: Tickling 101 Class including Tickle Techniques with more advanced rope techniques.

6:30pm-8pm: Dinner break and Mingle 


Ticklish Foot Competition! Who has the most ticklish feet? How long can you last? Do you think you have the stamina to not stop the tickles!? ITS TICKLE FEET TIME!
Contestants sit in a row with their feet exposed, and each contestant is assigned a number. Foot levers go along the road and examines – experiences – tickles – loves feet for three minutes per contestant. Criteria for judging or appearance, responsiveness, smell – taste. After experiencing all contestants, the foot lover votes for their favorite

*This is the time that some private sessions with our professional ticklers can also be scheduled.




**YOU HAVE UNTIL 9PM! Tickle Addicts!!!! - ongoing collection of 20min tickle sessions (give or receive) by different people with award going to person who collects the most by Sunday at 9pm.


7:00am-10:30am: Breakfast (comes with room if booked with reservation through TickleCon

10:00am - 12:00pm: Newbie Registration and Group meeting to plan out the day for people who havent been tickled yet to either meet with pro by reservation or find a civilian tickle partner that is at the convention.

12-1:00pm - Lunch Break

3:30-5pm: Tickle Sex Magik Sunday! Sex Magik education.  How to harness the power of your orgasm, root chakra and sexual energy to manifest your reality. Taught by Kelli Lynn Sage 


5-6pm: TICKLE GAMES (If you would like to run an event or game please contact us and we will add it to the schedule.

6pm-8pm: Dinner Break


8pm-2:30 am : Wall Flowers Hours! Have you not been tickled or gotten to tickle someone this whole entire weekend?! This can't be possible!   These are our WALLFLOWER HOURS! We will make it happen during this time if it hasn't already. Hang out and build on the relationships you have made this weekend. Tea Time! Tea Provided by the Americans. Appologies for the Tea Party years ago ;-)


-Free Play with public and private tickle and foot sessions that haven't been accomplished taking priority!



Monday February 12th:

*Hang out and Clean up and check out by 12pm!  MAKE SURE TO COLLECT CONTACT INFO OF EVERYONE! SEE YOU AT THE NEXT EVENT! 



*Early bird ticket prices available to all previous attendees at all future events!

Getting to TickleCon

TickleCon UK is held at a designated Hotel in the heart of Reading, UK and TickleCon Italy is a more intimate gathering which is going to be privately scheduled per location with each attendee in Rome, Naples, Pompeii and possibly more locations depending on sponsorship response.  We prefer all international conversation and planning be done  via our TickleCon Discord Server which can be joined by emailing us at or directly through the site. 


The hotel that is our home base in the UK is in Reading, UK.  You will receive the exact location at the time of booking your ticket.  Please email us directly with any questions or call/text us at +1646-220-1308 via iMessage.

Locations for Italy are Rome, Naples and Pompeii

Train / Bus

For public Transit contact 

+1-646-220-1308 or email


"Public Transit Directions"


The closest airport is Heathrow. Once you grab your ticket, contact us and we will help you plan your way there and back.


Our Sponsors

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